Chromatography trace for protein purification COLUMN ADAPTER


The adapter is used to attach 1/8″ or 1/16″ tubing to a conventional glass columns.

The adapter works by squeezing a flexible O-ring over a glass column outlet.

Because there is no standard size for outlet diameters, three different sizes of O-rings are provided with the adapter. Only one most suitable O-ring should be used at any given time. Extra rings may be placed onto the adapter outer surface for storage (see photo).

Two kinds of O-rings are provided:

  • Viton (brown or black color). Viton O-rings are fairly stable to most solvents. However, prolonged exposure (days) to toluene, DMF, DMSO, and especially a pyridine or amines, will cause excessive, likely permanent swelling or disintegration.
  • Fluorosilicone (blue color) - are adequate for applications involving extensive use of the solvents mentioned above However, fluorosilicone O-rings will swell extensively (but not dissolve or disintegrate) in acetone and to a lesser extent in ethylacetate.

To prolong useful life span of the O-rings, the adapter should not be stored attached to a column soaked with solvents. It is a good practice to rinse the adapter with an appropriate solvent and store it in a dry place.

For most glass columns, 1/8″ tubing is recommended to minimize the hydrodynamic resistance to liquid flow. 1/16″ tubing should be used only for very small glass columns (less than 10 ml volume) to minimize the dead volume of the system.

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